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About Us

Ashley Dwyer

NC LMBT#14844


Graduate of Southeastern Institute's 900 Hour Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy Program.

Ashley is the owner of Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage as well as a native of Mint Hill, NC. Formerly a pharmacy student and nationally board certified pharmacy technician, Ashley truly understand the bodies need for self healing and demonstrates it in her personal practice. Ashley holds certifications in cupping, gua sha, hot stone, reflexology, prenatal, sports massage, shirodhara and abyhanga (ayurvedic massage), and more. In her spare time, she is a mom to her 7 year old son, Skyler, and her cat, Merlin. In their free time, they enjoy hiking, camping, waterfalling and going on adventures together.

Jamie Foster

NC LMBT#17146

Lead Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduate of University of Dubuque, Bachelors of Exercise Science, and Harrisburg Area Community College 900 Hour Massage Therapy Program.

Jamie is a member of the USA Weightlifting Medical Staff where she often travels to competitions working with all levels of athletes (Youth – Masters). She carries an Orthopedic Massage Certification from the Center of Pain Management and also enjoys incorporating Swedish, Reflexology, Active Cupping and more, into the sessions of her practice. Her goals are to educate clients about the benefits of massage, work with athletes to reach their performance goals, and help patients get out of pain. Jamie enjoys mountain biking, weight lifting, and traveling.

Angela Hopson

NC LMBT#0802

Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduated February 22, 2008 from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage 

Licensed since 5/12/2008

Certified in: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Medical Massage, Aromatherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Chair Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Myokinesthetic -Upper Body massage, Stabilizing the Core & SI joint.  "Being fascinated in the body, and helping people drew my interest to massage. The body is simply a gift from God always attempting to keep the body structure in balance. I have a passion for helping others as well as interacting with people from all walks of life. I have a firm touch and specialize in neck, back, and shoulders. I work chair massage events as a way of promoting the benefits from massage. Besides my passion for massage, I love animals of all kinds, especially dogs. I have a 12 year old pug declining from a spinal disc issue. He is my joy and continue to keep him as active as possible. I thoroughly believe a body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest, stays at rest. Other interests I enjoy are sun-bathing, biking, hiking, reading, exercise, gardening, kayaking, and most outdoor activities. I attempt to eat healthy and believe that keeping the body in good health will ensure longevity of life and happiness. Believing that mind, body and Spirit work together to complete us, I also attend a local church. I believe in God as the Supreme Being, and also that the Holy Spirit lives in me to guide me through each day."

Randall Scott Walker

NC LMBT# 08381

Licensed Massage Therapist

2008 Graduate of Southeastern Institute of Clinical Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Scott Walker obtained his license as a massage therapist September 9th, 2008. He is certified in swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, chair massage, reflexology and sinus drainage. He recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary as a massage therapist. In his spare time, he plays music and sings in a band and does outreach with his church. He considers himself a specialist at deep tissue and many of his fellow coworkers are willing to agree that he gives the best deep tissue massage on staff.

Chelsea Silla

NC LMBT# 15017

Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduate of North Carolina School of Massage

I became a Certified Personal Trainer to expand my knowledge of the human body and how to improve it through physical exercise and nutrition. Upon completion of my PT certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2014, attending school to become a massage therapist seemed only natural.

I attended the NC School of Massage in Cornelius, NC as a full-time student. Upon completion of the course, I graduated and obtained my certification in Swedish massage as well as Neuromuscular therapy in 2015. I have gained extensive knowledge of holistic health throughout the years, from fitness to trigger-point therapy and therapeutic massage. I enjoy using methods such as myofascial release, cupping, deep tissue, stretching, and Ayurvedic techniques to help my clients achieve long-term results.