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Corporate Chair Massage

Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage, provides chair massage for corporate wellness events, health fairs, spa parties, and other events to cater to the employee wellness. The therapists at Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage would be honored to provide therapeutic and relaxing chair massage services to enhance the well-being and decrease stress of employees. This can be organized during a health fair, company meeting, holiday party, or as an employee appreciation event. Set up time & space needed to require service is very minimal. Companies have utilized their wellness budget to provide chair massage services, or contracted Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage to have standing "wellness days" as an employee perk. Massage therapists abide by corporate security regulations as well, and are willing to provide background checks, sign non-disclosure agreements, and provide copies of licenses & liability insurance documents.

Rates differ depending on the number of therapists, total amount time (hourly, daily, or employee self-pay) and frequency of services. We also accept flex spending and health savings cards along with check, cash and debit or credit as a form or payment. As a bonus, Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage provides $20 gift certificates to each attendee that we massage at your company or event.

How does stress affect employees at work?

Whether most of us will admit it, many people carry their stress and let it affect other aspects of their life. Employee stress affects employers each and every day and can potentially have severe consequences possibly leading to absenteeism due to “burn out,” sick days, accidents, workers compensation claims, errors in judgment, poor customer service, conflict with other coworkers, reduced productivity, and decreased morale. Our experience in the chair massage and corporate wellness industry makes this program easy to set up and takes little to no time for your company to maintain, and we do all the work.

Remember that healthy, productive, loyal employees are a very profitable asset to your company.

Can your company afford to not take care of the most precious assets of all?

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