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Swedish Massage

Enjoy the full-body application of light to medium pressure for a relaxing stress-management experience in a spa-like environment. Each muscle group is targeted and soothed, gently ridding your body of accumulated stress and tension within your musculature.

Your licensed massage therapist will use deliberate movements to help flush metabolic waste from your muscles. Light, assisted stretching is incorporated to help loosen and relax your body as stiffness and pain melt away.

Add calming Aromatherapy, Real Time Pain Relief, a Sugar Foot Scrub, or Cupping to enhance your massage and leave feeling completely renewed. Swedish Massage can be enjoyed by both individuals and couples who want to enjoy a unique and rejuvenating bonding experience with their best friend or significant other.  

1 hour $65.00 

1 ½ hour $97.50 

2 hours $130.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Many people experience recurring stiffness and tension in certain areas caused by poor posture or strenuous daily activity. Deep Tissue Massage utilizes medium to deep pressure over your entire body to relieve muscles and tendons of chronic tension.

By targeting specific areas that absorb most of the strain and stress throughout the day, your licensed massage therapist will work to alleviate conditions like discomfort, muscle spasms, and tightness that can inhibit motion. Because pressure is applied to reach deep into the musculature, you may feel some soreness during and immediately following your massage.

Add Enhancements like Aromatherapy and Real Time Pain Relief to your massage for a total relaxation experience. Deep Tissue Massage can be booked for individuals or couples who wish to share a rejuvenating experience with their best friend or significant other. 

1 hour $75.00

1 ½ hour $112.50 

2 hours $150.00

Couples Massage

Connect with your loved one in a serene spa environment that offers lasting relaxation for both of you. Our couples’ rooms have two massage table set side by side where you’ll each have your own licensed massage therapist working simultaneously to alleviate stress within your musculature.

Choose a light and relaxing Swedish Massage or a rejuvenating Deep Tissue Massage that targets specific areas of tension and discomfort. Add Enhancements like Aromatherapy and Real Time Pain Relief to complete your immersive total body experience.

A Couples Massage is a unique and memorable bonding experience that’s perfect for birthdays and anniversaries or any time you and your loved one need to get away. Put away the distractions and spend some real quality time next to your favorite person.

1 hour Swedish $130.00

1 hour Deep

Tissue $150.00

Neuromuscular Therapy

No one should have to live with chronic pain, but prescriptions and surgeries can’t always fix the problem. Neuromuscular Therapy, or NMT, addresses pain that is caused by nerve compression, postural issues, repetitive strain, inhibited circulation, tender muscle points, and more. By balancing the neuromuscular system in targeted areas, NMT aims to correct posture and provide relief from stress and tension that causes pain and limits range of motion.

Neuromuscular Therapy is a medical massage performed by our licensed massage therapists. This soft tissue manipulation is used to treat the source of your pain within the muscular and nervous systems, so you can feel real, lasting relief long after your massage is over. 

1 hour $75.00

1½ hour $112.50

2 hours $150.00

Orthopedic Massage

After an assessment of your problematic areas and specific complaints, your therapist will use soft tissue manipulation to release tension within your musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic Massage is designed to address dysfunction caused by injury, chronic conditions, poor ergonomics, scar tissue, and postural imbalance. By treating the source of the problem, our skilled practitioners are able to relieve your pain and increase your mobility.

Your licensed massage therapist understands how misalignment, adhesion, and soft tissue complications can cause discomfort and limited range of motion in various parts of your body. Using modern alignment and release techniques, he or she will restore structural balance throughout your body for both prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain. 

30 Min $40.00

1 hour $75.00

Sports Massage

Strenuous physical activity like sports and strength training can be hard on the body. Sports Massage utilizes stretching and soft tissue manipulation to release tension in targeted areas so you can continue to play hard without risking pain and injury that could set you back. Maintain peak performance with minimal chance of injury by addressing muscle strain before it becomes a problem.

Existing pain caused by repetitive physical activity can be treated and improved through Sports Massage. Your licensed massage therapist will use trusted techniques to alleviate your pain and get your mobility back to 100%.

Whether you’re already experiencing pain and discomfort associated with the physical demands of sports activity or you want to stay ahead of future pain and minimize your chance of injury, Sports Massage can provide the relaxation your muscles need.

1 hour $75.00

1½ hour $112.50 

2 hours $150.00

Prenatal Massage

The second and third trimesters of pregnancy can be difficult, whether it’s your first or your fifth baby. Regular daily activities can become demanding or even painful. Sleep can be hard to achieve. Prenatal Massage can help relieve some of the physical and mental stress caused by the sudden changes and new challenges you’re facing during this time.

Enjoy a quiet room with tranquil lighting in a luxurious spa environment. Lay comfortably on your side, supported by pillows, and allow a licensed massage therapist to gently work the strain and tension from your tired muscles. By releasing this stiffness and discomfort, you’ll leave feeling stronger, more limber, and totally rejuvenated.

Clients of the Prenatal Massage must be at least 12 weeks along. 

1 hour $75.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a type of massage that utilizes heated stones and Swedish massage techniques to achieve a comfortable release of stiffness. The warm stones can help improve circulation and are comforting to those who might get cold easily when draped for a massage.

Basalt river stones are heated to a controlled temperature using a specialized stone heater and placed at specific points along your back, arms, legs, and abdomen. As the warmth from the smooth stones penetrates your soft tissues, your muscles relax, allowing your licensed massage therapist to reach deeper with less pressure to relieve tension from your musculature. He or she will also hold the stones to provide heat and soothing pressure while giving your massage. 

1 hour $85.00

1½ hour $120.00


Specific points on the feet, hands, and ears are believed to affect the performance of various parts of the body. Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to each of these points to improve overall health and bodily function. It is often used in addition to medical treatment for various diagnoses.

Your licensed practitioner will use his or her hand, thumb, and fingers to introduce pressure to different parts of your extremities according to the reflexology map. Careful attention may be given to particular areas associated with physiology that might be troubling you, causing pain, or not performing well. In addition to the wellness benefits that are believed to exist, Reflexology is a soothing and enjoyable massage for the feet, hands, and ears. 

1 hour $75.00



Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years in several different cultures and has recently gained more traction within the science and medical communities. It has been said to help reduce pain and headaches, improve sleep and relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate nausea, and boost immunity.

Your therapist will use natural plant extracts and essential oils to add a soothing fragrance to your massage room with a diffuser. The therapeutic scents help promote a feeling of calm while stimulating your senses and enhancing the benefits of your massage. This holistic treatment can be added to any massage to create an immersive relaxation experience. 


Real Time Pain Relief

Add Real Time Pain Relief to any of our specialized massages to experience immediate relief from constant or chronic pain that plagues your daily life. Your licensed massage therapist will use a pain-relieving lotion to soothe your joint pain, nerve pain, soft tissue pain, and deep muscle aches in combination with deliberate, skilled massage techniques.

Exercise is often not only helpful, but the only means of recovery from certain conditions and injuries, but pain can inhibit exercise and strength training. This blend of healing massage and instant relief can provide the boost you need to work through chronic pains that might be limiting your range of motion or ability to rehabilitate yourself.


Sugar Foot Scrub

Reveal soft, smooth skin with a luxurious Sugar Foot Scrub treatment added to your chosen massage. We will start with a rejuvenating exfoliation of your feet, removing dead skin with a gentle but effective sugar scrub applied by your licensed massage therapist. Then, hot towels will be wrapped around your feet and ankles to soften the skin and provide soothing relief to the musculature.

Your Sugar Foot Scrub will finish with the application of hydrating shea butter, a natural moisturizer derived from the nutrient-rich fat of African tree nuts. The shea butter will help your skin to maintain its softness long after your massage is over, and it also provides a pleasant fragrance.



Cupping is widely accepted as the most convenient and affordable treatment for cellulite over large areas of the body, but it is also a trusted treatment for pain, soft tissue scarring, inflammation, and muscle knots. Cupping can be added to any of our specialized massages to enhance pain relief and muscle relaxation. Suction is administered all over the body by your licensed massage therapist using two cups that are placed against the skin. The suction aids in the release of deep tissue adhesions that cause cellulite, pain, and inflammation. Because cupping involves suction against the skin, you might experience some light bruising caused by blood being pulled to the surface from capillaries. This bruising will begin to fade in just a couple days. 


What our customers are saying

Ashley is the best massage therapist I have ever had. I have gone to several different spas and I have never had someone really listen and be concerned with the areas I am having pain with. I live over 30 mins away and she is totally worth the drive.